UHHHHH yeah bro

2013-05-25 00:19:13 by FreesiaRose

Friday, May 24

Brofist (or at least hold up the sign) all teachers: check

Go to the nurse because hit by a basketball: check

Tell everyone I got scratched by Harry Potter after that: check

Cry because my glasses fell apart in the auditorium, screw never to come back: check

Start on confusing novel once more: check

Tell everyone about Justin Beiber's-I mean, similar-to-one-direction-guy's butt twitching when playing on the Bass/Base in an Orchestral concert I had to attend even though I didn't want to but I found it amusing because there were so many people to make fun of: check

Tell everyone I'm not going to tell anyone anything about my novel because the internet said so (and so did Hermoine!): check

Be that person your drama teacher wanted you to be two years ago by coincidence: check

Find out that the Dark Side cookies taste like Awesome Sauce: check

Gain one pound from all that running: check

I hope I didn't spell Ron's girl's name wrong. :3

True story.


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