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Been on a hiatus for so long. I aged. :)


I'm awesome.

Not telling my locker combo.

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FreesiaRose's News

Posted by FreesiaRose - July 21st, 2016

Most of who listen(ed) to my music are probably dead now. I don't blame any of you. It's been three years since I've submitted anything to this site. Great memories. People change. Anyway, I'm glad to be back, but I won't be staying for long. (No, I'm not going to delete my account, haha. I like to think of my profile as an archive for music.)

I used to work under the name pikacheez, but now my pseudonym is kiracheez.


If anyone thinks I've stolen from myself, well then yes. Yes, I did steal from myself.

My deviantArt is dead right now, but AT LEAST I HAVE THE NAME so that's great and all.

If any of you guys from 3-4 years ago are looking at this, thank you guys so much for bearing with me. Thank you for being there, whether you have made yourself noticed to me or not.

Thank you.


TERMS OF USE: you may use my works for any non-commercial media with proper crediting (username, website). I would like to see what my works have been used for (I am curious! :D). For commercial usage (if you're using my works for making any form of money), please contact kiracheezbusiness@gmail.com

Posted by FreesiaRose - September 7th, 2013

Dear fellow fans, non-account fans and herpderps of all kind:
I got a new account here on Newgrounds and on deviantArt.
If you scroll downwards, maybe you'll find my new deviantArt.

New account: pikacheez.newgrounds.com
New deviantArt account: pikacheez.deviantart.com

Thank you for all the support.

P.S. Volume fixes! Asian Travels, Carnival Band, Country Chillin', Country Moon, Country Sun, Hydra's Bane, Lively Sun, Moonlight on the Pond, and Wyvern's Ruse should all have more volume than usual.

Posted by FreesiaRose - June 7th, 2013


I draw in class like a baws and get straight A's.

Umad, students?

Posted by FreesiaRose - May 25th, 2013

Friday, May 24

Brofist (or at least hold up the sign) all teachers: check

Go to the nurse because hit by a basketball: check

Tell everyone I got scratched by Harry Potter after that: check

Cry because my glasses fell apart in the auditorium, screw never to come back: check

Start on confusing novel once more: check

Tell everyone about Justin Beiber's-I mean, similar-to-one-direction-guy's butt twitching when playing on the Bass/Base in an Orchestral concert I had to attend even though I didn't want to but I found it amusing because there were so many people to make fun of: check

Tell everyone I'm not going to tell anyone anything about my novel because the internet said so (and so did Hermoine!): check

Be that person your drama teacher wanted you to be two years ago by coincidence: check

Find out that the Dark Side cookies taste like Awesome Sauce: check

Gain one pound from all that running: check

I hope I didn't spell Ron's girl's name wrong. :3

True story.

Posted by FreesiaRose - April 14th, 2013

Okay!!! So now I'm randomly going to post the same picture on every tune I create via software.

Edit: Ok, I forgot to mention-every tune I create via software IN 2013.

Another edit: Hi.

Random Picture...

Posted by FreesiaRose - April 13th, 2013


Ha, just kidding. o3o I'm too busy playing Pirate101, but I managed to have some free time to compose Hydra's Bane. It took my about 3-4 hours in the night time =_=

If anyone sees a witchdoctor named Golden Iris, that's probably me o3o


Posted by FreesiaRose - January 4th, 2013

Yeah, I'm done with the song(s) I promised, it's just that I'm not able to strike when the iron is already hot...

Sorry I haven't been in touch in a while. My internet on my device which I enter notes with is messed up, so I gotta use my desktop...yeah.

Oh yeah, ever since I've touched by desktop again, I'm busy watching random anime like Fruits Basket. (It's gotten good.)

-__- Exams are coming up...

With all teh love my pikachu could possibly get,

FreesiaRose (is free! :P)

(Sorry there's no random pic for you to enjoy.)

Posted by FreesiaRose - November 9th, 2012

I'm still AB blooded.

Just in case you didn't know (I never post my birthday date .3.), it was my birthday two days ago. Wednesday had to be so unlucky that the internet wasn't working, and so I wasn't able to announce my birthday on time. (Don't ask me how old I am...I'm old...double digits. Derp. But it's not like I'm a senior...like 60....I'm not talking about school seniors.)

Oh yeah, I had a little bug in my instrumental playback, but I fixed it! Turns out that the first violins and cellos were out of tune...

Speaking of orchestra, I got to second chair in the violin section. I got moved up. :D

Writing? LOL! I hardly can write, but there are essays I need to complete in English. I chose to write a fiction story, which was about a cat that imagines that he's camping and he runs through the lawn and the house of a stranger in his neighborhood...yeah.

I weave bracelets a lot more often now...

Sorry I don't have a random picture right now!

Oh wait, I do...

I drew this randomly. My friend came over to my house and graded my drawing. She hates the girl to the left and loves the girl to the right, and believes that the poor guy in the middle should belong to the girl on the right and not on the left. (But that would make two girlfriends, no?) Guess what? They're all part of my book that I'm still typing. I got a better plot formation now, since that the other one that I was writing 2 months ago was messed up and didn't have an actual plan. This time, I planned it out...

Please not that the poor guy is saying "What the Heck?" and not "What the HEEEEEEl"....


Or, I could have written, "WTD"? It stands for "What the Derp?" Of course, the guy doesn't know what a "derp" is...copyrights. And besides, why would he say derp? He's so cool...but he's not a Sasuke from that popular manga Naruto. Well, he is, but another guy in my book is...and no one is Naruto in my book, trust me...(well, you could refer to it as the girl to the right being Naruto...)

The end of my post.

Awkward Post...#2

Posted by FreesiaRose - October 30th, 2012

Happy Early/On-time/Kinda late/Tardy Halloween!

I probably might not be on a lot now, but I'm just busy with projects. Presidental Debates and Election projects are piling on me, y'know? All because it's 2012. I'm composing a new song completely rounded on orchestral instruments. Yes, it is going to be completely instrumental. I'm going to add a few non-orchestral instruments, like a few serious drum beats on a drumset...derp. Is that still orchestral? I dunno. No one told me anything.

I think I won't get much candy because Wednesday is my worst day for luck. I'm not that popular either, but I'm not actually worried. Meh. I'm AB blooded...

I don't know why I typed that, but I'm keeping that AB blooded thingy.

Posted by FreesiaRose - October 10th, 2012

I'm real good on my new songs that are coming up. The only obstacle that is blocking the way is school-but I try to make space for composing. Of course, if I can. I'll try to release my new composition this week, I dunno. :) BTW 10/11/12! YAY!

Random pic caption: Pink bunny. No stealing.