Entry #21

Thank You

2016-07-21 18:32:04 by FreesiaRose

Most of who listen(ed) to my music are probably dead now. I don't blame any of you. It's been three years since I've submitted anything to this site. Great memories. People change. Anyway, I'm glad to be back, but I won't be staying for long. (No, I'm not going to delete my account, haha. I like to think of my profile as an archive for music.)

I used to work under the name pikacheez, but now my pseudonym is kiracheez.


If anyone thinks I've stolen from myself, well then yes. Yes, I did steal from myself.

My deviantArt is dead right now, but AT LEAST I HAVE THE NAME so that's great and all.

If any of you guys from 3-4 years ago are looking at this, thank you guys so much for bearing with me. Thank you for being there, whether you have made yourself noticed to me or not.

Thank you.


TERMS OF USE: you may use my works for any non-commercial media with proper crediting (username, website). I would like to see what my works have been used for (I am curious! :D). For commercial usage (if you're using my works for making any form of money), please contact kiracheezbusiness@gmail.com


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